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Kylo Pleatwax

Kylo Pleatwax

One (1) approx. 20g brick of 50/50 clear paraffin and natural beeswax, to be used on the pleated sections of a Kylo Ren Episode 7 costume.
A handy travel size for popping into your kit bag in case you need to top up your wax while you're out and about.
One brick should be enough to complete the base waxing process for a tunic and set of sleeves. Two should be more than enough.
Available in both natural un-dyed and black. The difference is cosmetic only. Both have been regularly used by us at Short Supply and as yet we've had no green pleats through use of our black wax!

To apply, lie your pleated items flat on a smooth surface with nothing underneath.
Rub the smooth edge of the wax brick down your pleats, starting at the "top" and dragging downwards toward the "bottom" in several quick motions, applying some pressure. This will become easier as the friction causes the wax to warm up. It may be useful to carry the brick in your pocket for 10-15 minutes prior to application to help warm it up to body temperature before applying.
The aim is to lightly coat the edges of your pleats and give them a "grimy, oily" texture, highlighting them rather than completely laminating them.
If you happen to get a build-up of wax which may appear white or cloudy (this is less likely with the black wax) , use the hooked side of a piece of velcro or something similarly rough, and buff out the white marks. This method can also be used to smooth or blend your wax in if you've applied too heavily in areas.

It is recommended that you top up your wax between long troops, particularly around the areas which get the hottest, such as under your arms. To remove the wax, lie your pleated items on an ironing board (with a cloth beneath to protect the board) and then place a clean, dry cloth on top before ironing gently. This will melt the wax and the excess will be transferred to the cloth.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the beeswax in this product, we cannot accept orders of this product heading to Australia. Sorry!

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